Inception of Asocial

So we Had to get started by forming teams. This was not just a team for a group work but we have to find cofounders for our startup businesses. We were required to make teams of four. Alice advised us to keep two cofounders from Mace(Managing in the creative economy) and two cofounders from IME(Innovation management & entrepreneurship). There was no fixed criteria in my mind before forming the team. I just had a preference that the cofounder should be from Kingston or nearby.

Supidchaya approached me to form the team with her. I said yes, and then we started looking for other cofounders from IME. Supidchaya recommended Siwaporn, as she was also looking for group members. I had also met her before and was happy that she joined us. Then Siwaporn recommended one of her friend Khalid. I did not knew him before forming the team.

We had a great mix of different backgrounds. Me and Supidchaya have studied designing before this course. Siwaporn comes from the background of Mass communication and Khalid has lot of business experience. I was happy with the group we formed.

After that it was time to come up with the name. As earlier we were planning to do something related to social well being, we decided lets think of names relating to the word social. We brainstormed and came up with the name ‘Asocial’. It just sounded cool and we went with it. I still don’t have any logical explanation to it.  One explanation can be that maybe we four cofounders are not very social people personally.

Thats how Asocial was started. I am glad that I have these lovely people as cofounders for the design thinking startup. As group forming can be quite tricky, and if people don’t go well together it creates a big problem fir the business, I feel quite lucky to have these three working with me.


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